Cinematography/Videography is a great way to re-live your wedding day, again and again. Video has become paramount in our lives today–it’s shareable, memorable, and timeless.

Here at Lavender Bouquet Photography, we not only love capturing epic photographs of couples in love, but we love to create stories of moving pictures that will give you the chance to view your relationship and your wedding day like it has never been viewed before.

We don’t just capture your wedding day and then create a cookie-cutter music montage of your day like other products on the market today. We create a cohesive story that really shows YOU and your relationship—your love story.

In order to weave your story throughout your wedding and/or engagement video, we ask a couple things of you (homework…yay!):

1. You will be asked to write about your individual stories on how you met and what the other means to you. The catch: You cannot show, share, or say to the other what you have written—it’s a beautiful surprise when you watch your video for the first time!

2. You will be asked to record what you both have written at our studio with our high-quality audio recording set-up. You will both record what you have written separately so neither of you knows what the other wrote or might say.

3. Spend an afternoon with us filming your engagement video. Yes, this is like a traditional engagement photo shoot, but way more fun. Think of this as a mini-documentary on you two as a couple. We can follow you around on a date, a stroll in the park, hiking, a picnic, or exploring the city nightlife! This engagement video will be revealed to you two for the first time at your wedding reception—something you can show your guests all the while we film your reactions.

Amanda & Corrie’s Reaction Video

Here is a reaction video from Corrie & Amanda’s wedding day that we had the pleasure of capturing. During the reception was the first time they got to view their Couples Story Video we created for them. It was the first time that Amanda got to hear what Corrie hard wrote for the video as well as the first time for Corrie to hear Amanda’s side. The video was played on the big screen at their venue in front of there family and guests, have a look!

What you get with your investment

  • 3-7min Couples Story Video
  • 30min-2hr Documentary Edit (time ranges on coverage)
  • Full Ceremony, Toasts, First Dances and Other Main Events
  • 1TB Hard Drive with all footage
  • 64GB Thumb Drive (Viewable on your Smart TV)
  • 5-7min Wedding Highlight Video

Note: We only take in a limited amount of clients for Cinematography each year. Pricing for Cinematography ranges from ($2000-$3500)

Please watch the full story below to see what you are missing


Couple Story

Wedding Story

Meet Corrie and Amanda—these two could not be more fun! For their engagement video, we filmed them strolling around a local park, captured them sitting down for a latte’, and then ran around after them as they rode around on a surrey at Point Ruston. We weaved audio of their secret recordings into the video footage to tie it all together:

Corrie and Amanda’s Wedding Day was filled with laughter, dancing, and plenty of Jameson Irish Whiskey. We incorporated audio from the ceremony, the wedding toasts, and a little more from their secret recordings to each other. (Fun fact: Corrie is a wedding DJ and even DJ’d his own wedding!)