Sydney & Justin – 08.29.2015

Getting Ready: Guest House Log Cottages, Greenbank, WA

Venue: Private Residence, Greenbank, WA

Catering: Private Potluck Style

Color Palette: Tiffany Blue

Sydney & Justin tied the knot in Justin’s grandparents’ backyard on Whidbey Island in the presence of family & friends. It was the tail-end of August, so the weather should have been perfect, but it was the weekend of the crazy windstorm that knocked down powerlines and stopped the ferries from running because they couldn’t dock. Centerpieces kept getting blown over, pine needles were dropping into the food, and entire branches were dropping from trees. But none of that mattered because they were getting married no matter what.

All the getting ready preparations were done at the Guest House Log Cottages just a few miles from the ceremony location. Jason and I loved the homey log cabin ambience and made a mental note that we should spend a weekend there sometime.

After the wedding, we convinced Sydney & Justin to follow us out toward the ferry terminal so we could get some photos with the water in the background. What we didn’t expect were nearly 40 mph winds and rain that pelted from every direction. We threw a plastic bag over our big flash, Jason covered his camera with his coat, and we trudged onto a grassy dune to get one last epic photo. We had a length of tulle with us to use as a long veil, I stood behind the couple holding the flash while Jason took a couple photos. The images turned out even more incredible than we had originally imagined, and our dear friend Tim of Krause Brothers Photography suggested Jason Photoshop a rocket launch in the background for a fun variation—they liked how that one turned out, too.