Location: Snoqualmie Point Park, Snoqualmie, WA

Oh, mylanta. It was freezing cold the day of this shoot! Fortunately, it was one of the precious few sunny days this winter, but it was frigid. We originally were going to shoot up at Franklin Falls, but the road to the trailhead was closed and had to be hiked–we hiked several miles before we realized it would take too long, and it was much too icy, for us to make it up to the falls, especially with little Oriah tagging along.

Our backup location was Snoqualmie Point Park, which Jason and I had never been to before. It turned out to be an incredibly gorgeous location, and the sun was at just the right position in the sky. Oh, and did I mention it was a wee bit windy? I mean, really windy…we worked it to our advantage, though!