Couple Session / Engagement Shoot Tips & Tricks!

Tips & Tricks For A Successful Couple’s Session

  1.  Bring 3 outfits and 4 outer layers; these, depending on the season, may be your favorite coat, sweater or extra shirts. Try to stay away from plaid and “busy” florals as well as tops that have graphics or prints on them. One outfit can be as simple as jeans and a t-shirt, one can be slacks and a nice button-up for him and a knee-length dress for her, and one can be something more formal like a suit and tie for him and an eye-catching floor-length dress for her. Just remember to compliment each other with what you choose.
  2.  Now for the hair: Gentlemen–shave your necks, trim your beard (if you have one), and get a fresh haircut the week before. Also, bring a comb with you to the shoot. Ladies–This is a great chance for showing off your wedding hair and/or make-up trial if you happen to schedule your trials for the morning of your shoot. Otherwise, make sure you feel amazing about your hair–treat yourself and go in for a fresh cut or style. Feel free to keep it simple if that’s who you are! Just bear in mind that the weather can change quickly, and your ‘do will need to hold up in the wind and the rain. Bring a pony-tail holder as a back-up (looks great with jeans and a t-shirt!), as well as a brush, hairspray, and bobby pins.
  3.  Clean your engagement ring, we may take some pictures of it!
  4.  Be complementary with the colors you choose for each other’s outfits, you don’t want to clash. Here is a link that may help you out!
  5.  Bring two pairs of shoes: one pair that you will not mind getting dirty as well as a pair that goes with your outfit(s). We may be walking in some grassy, gravelly, dusty, or muddy areas, so having comfortable shoes to get from spot to spot is a good idea.
  6.  Bring some bug spray and sunscreen–you may need them during a summer session with us, but we try to remember to bring ours as well 🙂
  7.  The first 20-minutes of your shoot may feel awkward. This is totally normal. You are not a model that stands in front of a camera every day (unless you are), and we understand this. At the beginning of the shoot, we’ll explain and teach you about body language and how to accentuate each other to get the best out of your session with us, the Do’s and Don’t’s if you will. So don’t worry if you don’t know what to do with your hands, we’ll help you out!
  8.  If you have some props for your save-the-dates you may create with your images, feel free to bring them along!