Caitlin was the last of the “Mom Squad” to give birth to baby #2, and I was stoked that she asked me to photograph the birth story. I was the first of the four of us young moms to add to the playgroup with baby Lincoln in August, then it was Ashley and baby Mabel in September, and then Julia and baby Everett on Halloween. Baby Levi was due early January, but he decided to chill out until Friday, January 13. We all joked about the irony of the fact that the birthing center at St. Joe’s is technically on the 13th floor (although it’s labeled the 14th) and then Levi was born on Friday the 13th.

This birth was quite the family affair, and Caitlin’s mom and aunt were present for Levi’s birth in addition to her husband, Josh. More family waited outside with big brother Eli until baby was born. Caitlin was such a trooper and had labored at home with her mom as a coach until it was almost too late. Within a half hour of arriving at the hospital, Levi was born, sunny-side up, with Caitlin on her hands and knees and Josh by her side.

Welcome to the world, baby Levi, and welcome to the playgroup!