Locations: Titlow Park in Tacoma, WA; 7 Seas Taproom in Gig Harbor, WA; Paradise in Mt. Rainier National Park.

We started this engagement session in Titlow Park so Arin and Jeremy could get some portraits done with their beautiful rescue dogs. It is not any easy task to get dogs to look at the camera, even with the temptation of doggy treats. We quickly realized that the dogs would lock their gaze on any other passers-by, especially ones who were out walking their dogs, and we used this to our advantage. Every image we captured where the dogs looked right at the camera were ones where people were walking behind us on the trail.

Arin & Jeremy first laid eyes on each other at the 7 Seas Taproom in Gig Harbor. They wanted to commemorate their first date capturing some lifestyle images over pints of Ballz Deep Double IPA, and the staff at 7 Seas were kind enough to let us take pictures.

Mt. Rainier is Arin’s favorite mountain–it’s “her” mountain, as she calls it. After finishing their brews at 7 Seas, we carpooled up to Paradise in Mt. Rainier National Park. We were racing the sunset, but we knew we could get some awesome photos no matter the lighting conditions. If we saw an awesome scene at a turnout on our way up the mountain, we stopped and snapped a few photos before continuing our trek toward Paradise. Once at Paradise, the sun was pretty much set, but there were still traces of oranges and purples gracing the outline of the Tatoosh Range, perfect for a sillhouette. The very last image in this post is a careful composite of several images. It was quite dark out, so we had to do a long exposure to capture the mountain detail, then an image with Jeremy and Arin fully lit from behind, and then a darker image to get the trees at the base of the mountain almost black. We were so excited with how it turned out!