Locations: Lincoln Park in West Seattle, Pike Place Market, Gum Wall, and a random alley in downtown Seattle.

We shot Allison and Bernie’s engagement session a couple weeks ago (before all this rain came to town!) in the beautiful sunshine of Seattle. We started in West Seattle at Lincoln Park, got some woodsy shots among the greenery, and then trekked down to the boardwalk along the beach to capture the beautiful Puget Sound in the background.

After we had had enough of the West Seattle scenery we carpooled across the water to downtown Seattle, seeking the city grit and the friendly shade of the old buildings. The Gum Wall had been recently cleaned at the end of 2015, so we weren’t sure if there would be any gum back on the walls yet. Well, that was a silly thing to think–of COURSE there was gum on the Gum Wall. Did they really think it wouldn’t come back? We took advantage of the myriad of tourists meandering around the wall and got some awesome shots.

We ended the afternoon with a quick detour into an alley that was on the way back to the car–the red walls caught our eye and we just had to get a couple more photos before calling it a day.